Jesus was introduced to me in 1994, yet I do not recall the specific date. What I do remember is riding in the car with my friend while he told me all about Jesus. Of course I had heard his name, but did not understand who he was, and is.

Since that time, learning about the Bible has been fascinating to me. Being an analyst by career I was intrigued by the “nuggets” that came out of God’s word. Over time there has been so much information that has been gleaned that I thought it would be best to keep it somewhere that I can reference. My handwriting is chicken scratch and saving Word files is not only laborious and, frankly not searchable, I figured I might as well keep it in a blog. Hopefully you can get some benefits from my notes.

On a personal level, I’m like everyone else. Raising a family, working a job, doing my best to honor God in all I do, and then fail daily. I am far from perfect, but as Jesus said, his strength is made greater in my weakness. The more I fail, the more I need Him. The more I rely on Jesus, the closer I am to him, and that is where I need to be.

Enjoy the notes on this site, I hope you get some insight and “ah ha!” moments, as I have.