About Sean

Author of Young Adult (YA) and Adult Christian Fiction in the Action & Adventure genre with two published books: BARRY GOUPE and RECOLLECTION.

In these books you will not find profanity, rather clean storytelling with closed door romance alongside page-turning action.

My passion for story telling started at a young age where I would tell stories to my younger cousins. My writing began decades later in a blog where I wrote short stories, primarily geared toward my three children.

My first book, BARRY GOUPE: In the Midst of Lies was published in 2014 in the Christian Young Adult (YA) genre. Eight years later RECOLLECTION was published. Now that my kids are grown, my writing focuses on clean Adult Christian Fiction.

Aside of my books, my wife and I are High School Sweethearts, meeting at Simi Valley High School in California in 1989. One day in September I was walking across the open campus to get to my class and she was heading the other way with her friend. I glanced over to see a beautiful blond and she offered a shy smile back. It wouldn't be until November that I built up enough courage to ask her out. Being a Senior, I'd asked out multiple girls during my time at school, and every one was a rejection. As I nervously stood in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant she worked at, I finally asked if she wanted to go see a movie with me. She said yes!

We were married in 1993 and have lived happily ever after. We love being with each other, at one point owning and operating a business together. Having kids early in life was our plan so we could be young grandparents, and that plan worked. With two boys and a girl, our oldest gave us two grandchildren who we absolutely adore. They keep us on our toes and make us realize that while we are young grandparents, our bodies protest at getting up and down and keeping up with a child's energy.

In 2016 we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina for my job, as a senior manager for a large corporation. In 2012 during my first business trip to Charlotte, I loved the area and told my wife I could see us living here. She said flatly, "I'm never moving to East Coast." And here we are, both loving the beautiful tree-lined roads, open land and getting to experience each of the seasons.

Today with our kids out of the house, we keep busy with three dogs, mowing the lawn, home improvement, watching the grandkids and spending time with family.. Somewhere between work, chores and family, I squeeze in some time to write books.

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