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Sean McClure



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Customized autographed copy of Recollection.

Three years ago, Ryan Parker showed up in a small North Carolina town, running away from a life of love and deep loss. With his unwavering faith, and trusted dog Jess, he finds solitude and serenity in the country, but nightmares of his past consume his present.

The unknown source of debilitating headaches prompts him to search for a cause and cure. During a visit to his home town in California, he learns that his past is filled with illogical gaps. Seeking answers, he contacts a former colleague in hopes that he can help make sense of his fading memories. Instead of help, he finds himself betrayed and pursued by a company who holds the secret to his condition.

During this pursuit, an unexpected friend helps him as they both find themselves in a race against an unconventional cure and a company whose determination to capture him would ultimately end in death. Weaved into the action is hope regained and love rekindled.

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